Wednesday, February 23, 2011

K-cup Storage Display Rack for Keurig K-cups 5 Rows High 6 Columns Wide Capacity 114 K-cups

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Technical Details

  • Can display up to 30 different flavors of K-cup
  • Total Capacity of 114 K-cups(not included)
  • Trays can also hold condiments
  • Gravity feed-no moving parts-front load for easy cup removal
  • Highest quality best looking display and storage rack for your K-cups Looks great in law offices, banks, hotels, homes and more

Product Description

This is the perfect display and storage rack for any home or business. If you are tired of disorganized piles of K-cups, ugly boxes, or racks that only hold one of a type, this is the rack for you. top rows hold one cup per tray(also great for sugar packets). Second row down hold three cups per tray(also great for longer coffee mate creamers). Third and subsequent rows down hold 5 cups per tray(also great for spoons and stirrers). Sizes available from 4H2W to 6H6W. Capacities ranging from 28 cups to 144. Made of easy to clean and tough anodized aluminum. Looks great in any home or business. Made in Vermont. Family owned business. K-cups not included. Comes with two logo stickers(2"x2") in the upper back corners as seen in the picture with the pumpkin. Do not use abrasive cleaners. This product is not associated with or endorsed by Keurig. Patent Pending.