Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keurig 15509 K-Cup Mini-Brewers Dark Magic

Keurig 15509 K-Cup Mini-Brewers, Dark Magic
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Product Features

  • Size/Capacity: 18 K-Cups
  • Size: 18-pc.
  • Ah... espresso. Alchemy in a cup, and the very essence of coffee. A properly prepared espresso is a tazza of bittersweet liqueur; thick, rich and languid on the tongue, topped with a dense layer of copper-colored crema -- the hallmark of an expertly crafted cup. Our Dark Magic Espresso Blend is our own ode to espresso; a blend created expressly for the rigors of espresso preparation. We roast the beans separately and blend after roasting to achieve a harmonious, full and phenomenally delicious coffee. We think you'll find it sweet, intense and vibrant, with a finish that's as pleasing as it is lingering. 

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