Monday, February 8, 2010

My-Kap - Reuse Your Keurig K-Cups (6 Clear, 6 Red, 6 Green)

My-Kap - Reuse Your Keurig K-Cups (6 Clear, 6 Red, 6 Green) - Over 30,000 kaps sold
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Product Features

  • Save money! Go Green! Best Value!
  • Over 30,000 kaps sold worldwide!
  • Easy way to reuse your K-Cups.
  • Use your favorite coffee or tea or pods today.
  • Lessen your environmental impact and waste. Quit throwing your K-Cups away.
  • These kaps will allow you to reuse your Keurig K-Cups many times. You can refill your K-Cups with your favorite coffee or tea. Three colors are included, clear, red, and green. In addition a cleaning brush is included which also can also be used as a removal tool to remove the kap from the K-Cup after it has been used.

    The Keurig standard approach involves the purchase of K-Cups with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. The K-Cups make excellent coffee. But they each cost anywhere from $.25 to $.50 per cup depending on the quantity and where you purchase them. If you like to drink coffee like me, this can add up to quite a bill really quickly.

    So you say, why not get a reusable K-Cup. Good idea. But there are a few problems with the system Keurig wants you to use. First the reusable K-Cups cost $14 and up. If you want 10 of them, that is $140 just for the reusable cups. Second, the Keurig's resusable K-Cup does not produce as good of a cup of coffee as the K-Cup itself. The designs are different and the water flows out the sides of the filter rather than down through the coffee. Third, the design is big, bulky, and hard to store. If you already have a turnstile for K-Cups, you can not store these there. With this product you can.

    The Kap allows you to recycle your K-Cups. Fill them with your favorite coffee or tea. And use them many times before they have to be thrown out for good. That lowers your cost for each cup of brew and also give you better brews each time. 

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